Authentic Marketing Program

What if you could just “be yourself” and attract the exact clients you want for your business?

Clients are looking for someone that can understand and relate to their needs and wants, someone who “gets” them. If who you really are as a person (being yourself) is not in line with the marketing message of your brand, clients will have no way to determine if you understand and relate to them. When they feel you don’t “get” them, they pass you by and continue their search elsewhere?

Knowing who you are and how you want to be perceived by clients is the beginning of the process of creating the most authentic and transparent way to present you and your business to the world. You cannot tell the world who you are if you are not sure of exactly who you are and what you believe in.

Are Your Marketing Efforts Being Wasted Now?

You’ve been spending time and money on traditional marketing that is not achieving the results you need for your business. Because of past marketing failures, now you are not sure how to market your business to find the clients you need to take your business to the next level: clients that are eager to work with you, easy to understand and even easier to land.

You can only attract the clients you want, the clients that “get you” and are eager to work with you when you present yourself and your business in the an authentic and transparent way. If you don’t, there will exist a disconnect between who you really are and what you are presenting to the world. This disconnect will result in lost clients and the inability to easily land your ideal clients.

The Red Wolf Marketing “Authentic Marketing Program”

Red Wolf Marketing wants you to “tell the world who YOU are”! We have designed a program that helps you discover who “you” are, identify whether your current marketing reflects the truth of who you are, works to bridge the gap between truth and reality and builds your marketing future by putting all the pieces together in a way that reflects who you and your business are. The end result is a transparent and authentic marketing blueprint that lets you be YOU helps you attract the clients that you want.

Discover Your Truth

You’ve heard it a thousand times: just be yourself. Great idea but in business does that really apply? Isn’t there a specific way to conduct yourself that is more acceptable in business? Well, no! Who wants to work with a “generic” business owner that has modeled themselves and their business after what everyone else is doing? I don’t and I bet you do not either. So, why would you present that to your potential clients?

Clients are looking for someone that can relate to them, who “gets” them and understands their needs and wants. When potential clients first meet you or see your marketing message, they make a quick assessment of whether you will understand and “get” them and thus would be a good fit for them and their needs. If you are not expressing yourself authentically, then how in the world can clients begin to make an accurate assessment? Well, they cannot, so they move on and seek out your competitors. They continue this process until they find the one business that they feel actually understands them.

If you do not know who you are, what you stand for and how you want to be perceived by clients and potential clients, then you cannot express yourself authentically to attract these potential clients. This is THE criteria a potential client uses to determine if they want to hire the business. So, if the potential client “gets” the business person and feels they can relate to them, bingo, they hire them, end of story. If not, they move on. Simple as that.

Identifying Reality

Disconnect. That is the magic word here. When a business person is presenting themselves in their marketing in a way that is not consistent with who they are authentically, there is a disconnect. For example, a person that exudes the image of free spirit in their personal appearance and verbal presentation, but has very conservative and corporate looking marketing materials and messages will cause confusion for potential clients. On one hand, they are a free spirit, but on the other hand, they are rigid, corporate and conservative. So potential clients are left to wonder which person will show up for them to do their work. A potential client may not be able to “put their finger on” why they don’t feel comfortable with the business person but it is there and will cause the business person to lose the sale.

Who you are as a person and what your marketing materials say you are should be congruent or consistent. If they are not, then you have a disconnect that is causing you to repel potential clients instead of attract them. When there is a disconnect, all the time and money you spend on marketing is virtually wasted. Learning your disconnect could be the difference between squeaking by and making your wildest business dreams come true.

  • To do this, you need to know what your brand “reality” is.
  • What does your brand say currently to the world?
  • Is it a consistent message or is it all over the place?
  • Knowing this is critical to determining whether you are attracting clients or repelling them.

Bridging the Gap

So how do you bridge the gap between who you are and what your visual messages are saying your are? You change your message! Who you are should be the core element of all your visual client attraction methods. From logo to writing style, when potential clients encounter you, they should know immediately who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in.  When they have this truthful and transparent information, “get” you. If they “get” you, then they will believe that you in turn will “get” them and understand their needs and wants on a level others cannot, and they begin to see how they could enter into a business relationship with you. Armed with the intellectual and emotional information, they can make an informed decision, whether by logic or by gut feeling, that they will hire you and your business.

Building Your Future

Okay, so now you know who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for. You also know what you need to do to bridge the gap and start attracting the clients that will make your business reach the levels you have always dreamed of. So how do you make that happen and start building your future? Implementation, execution, make it happen, make it so, all ways to describe what you have to do next: put the plan into action! As talented and experienced marketers and designers, Red Wolf will embark on the task of creating YOU visually through your marketing materials, website, social media, physical appearance, work space appearance and your overall tone.

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