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The Internet has changed considerably since Red Wolf started designing websites in 1997. Back then, most websites were one-dimensional and designed to be online brochures rather than the interactive, sales-generating websites that exist today.At Red Wolf Marketing, we believe that the best website design not only looks good but conveys the appropriate message, is user friendly and generates leads and sales.

WordPress Website Design DenverSome may think “image is everything” is an overused phrase, but it really never does goes out of style. Especially today, when a companies’ image on the web can make or break a sale.

No matter if you sell a product or service, sell to consumers or businesses, your website is your virtual store. Is should convey your brand, deliver your message and be visually interesting.

Red Wolf Marketing designs custom WordPress websites that are clean, visual and effective. Our years of experience in graphic design and marketing means your website will be visually exciting, easy to navigate and generate results. View Our Website Design Portfolio

Website Design Planning is Key

We can help you develop your website from the very start with effective website planning that takes into consideration your overall marketing goals. Who is your audience? What are you selling? What expectations do you have for your site? How many pages? The answer to these and other questions are critical to assure your website works effectively and meets your sales and marketing goals.

What Will the Website Design Look Like?

Your site could have the best message on the web but if it isn’t visually appealing, no one will listen. The design of your website should be an extension of your company’s existing branding and image. More importantly, the website should incorporate this image in a user-friendly, easily navigated way. Confusing navigation or too many clicks and you may lose the viewer.

We design custom WordPress websites that are as unique as each company we work with. This allows us to find the best format for presenting your products and services based on your audience and marketing goals. Nobody else has your logo; they shouldn’t have a similar looking website either.

What About the Website Content?

Red Wolf Marketing’s copywriting services will help you create content for your website that not only reads well to viewers, but makes your site more friendly to the search engines. If your content is not marketing oriented and fails to include calls to action, your site results may not be what you expected. The content on the site is also critical for successful Search Engine Marketing results. Writing content that combines the goals of added sales and search engine results gives your site the extra edge it needs to stand out from your competition.

Functionality is Key!

A great looking website is very important but a website that functions to meet your company’s needs and wants is even more critical. Blogging functions, email marketing, social media integration, password-protected areas and other special functionality has to be taken into consideration when building your website. Expandability is also important. You don’t want to have to redesign your entire site in the future as your company expands.


If you have products and services you would like to sell online, Red Wolf Marketing can help you create an on-line store that will work for you 24/7. From setting up the shopping cart to configuring payment gateways, we will custom design your site to meet your needs.

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