WordPress Consulting Services

Building Your Own WordPress Website and Need Some Help?

Many businesses make the decision to build their website in-house for many different reasons. WordPress is fairly straightforward when you use basic templates and don’t need much functionality. However, when you want your WordPress site to look or act in a very specific way, you may find yourself spending hours of valuable time trying to figure out how to tame the beast WordPress can sometimes become.

Red Wolf Marketing can help in minutes with WordPress questions, issues and problems that can take you hours to figure out on your own.

Red Wolf Marketing has over 21 years experience and has been designing websites since the late nineties. We have trained many of our clients to be able to edit, update and expand their WordPress websites. We are experts in WordPress and can consult with you on just about any WordPress issue you may have. We can either do some of the work for you or we can teach you how to do it. The latter option is a great choice if you really want to learn more about managing and expanding your WordPress website.

Theme Customization

Just about any theme can be customized by editing the theme’s CSS code. Colors, backgrounds, site structure, etc. Changing the CSS code may be beyond your scope of knowledge, but not ours!


Most WordPress themes come equipped with slider functionality (the rotating images at the top of the page). To make the work in the most effective manner, image sizing and other skills and knowledge is needed. We can either do the work for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

Custom Sidebars

Many WordPress themes come with specialized Widgets that you can use for many different sidebar applications. However, we have found that many of our clients needs elements added to their sidebars that are not included in the theme. These elements can include custom art, email opt-ins and much more. We an help you with any sidebar additions you may have.


One of the most amazing things about the WordPress platform is the ability to add nearly any functionality you can think of with the simple addition of a Plugin. One of the most frustrating things about WordPress is the fact that not all Plugins play well together. Choosing the wrong Plugin can create hours of headaches or even worse, crash your site. We easily can help guide you in the selection and configuration of the Plugins you need for your site.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is most often overlooked by businesses that design their own sites. There are critical elements in a WordPress site that can make or break your SEO efforts. We know what these are and can guide you in configuring your site the right way so you will begin to see quality search results.

You’ve Convinced Me! What is it Going to Cost?

We bill out our WordPress Consulting Services on an hourly rate. You buy hours up front and can use them whenever you want. We also offer multi-hour discounts. All of our consulting is done via phone and online. During the call, we connect to your computer and can show you exactly where to navigate within your site and what to do once you get there.

To inquire about our hourly rate and package options, please contact us today!


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